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Superb Outdoor Lighting Services

Accentuate the beauty of your home through our outdoor lighting services. At Wilfert Electric Co.

of Cincinnati, OH, you'll get unbeatable outdoor lighting solutions to give your home an extravagant look. Our electrical professionals will closely work with you to transform your outdoor space such that it will surely turn heads instantly. Give your outdoor space a refined look, install new decorative bulbs; remodel your lighting system with energy efficient lights and more.

Variety of outdoor lighting services

    Our outdoor lighting solutions will appreciate the price

    value of your home instantly. You will have on-lookers

    admiring your beautiful outdoor lighting like never

    before. Call 513-731-7133 to learn more.

  • Landscaping lighting

  • Landscaping lighting design

  • Landscaping lighting installation

Upgrade your outdoor lighting systems today!

Quality assurance like no other

All our electrical products are sourced from top-quality manufacturers and go through stringent quality checks before they are installed at your place. What's more - you'll get a 1-year warranty on labor and materials. We're committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Get affordable outdoor lighting services.

Give a distinctive look to your outdoor space through our lighting services.

Take advantage of our rich resources, quality products, and skilled professionals to give your home a stunning look you have always wanted. Transform your outdoor lighting today! Contact us for a FREE estimate!

Get a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor